Welcome to ATMA Samastipur

                                       Sri Yogendra Singh, IAS
D.M. Samastipur

ATMA is a society of key stakeholders involved in Agricultural activities for sustainable agriculture development in the district.  It is a focal point for Integrating Research and Extension activities and decentralizing day to day management of the public Agricultural Technology System (ATS).  It is a registered society responsible for technology dissemination at the district level.  As a society, it would be able to receive and expend project funds, entering into contracts & agreements and maintaining revolving accounts that can be used to collect fees and thereby recovering operating cost. Read More…

Notice Board

  1. दावा / आपत्ति का पत्र
  2. Draft Merit List of Block Technical Manager (BTM) 2023
  3. Draft Merit List of Assistant Technical Manager (ATM) 2023
  4. Draft Merit List of Block Level Accountant 2023
  5. Draft Merit List of Stenographer-cum-clerk 2023
  6. List of BFAC Chairman and member 10.07.2023
  7. Regarding Information of Handicapped reservation of BTM Post
  8. http://oc0TbfF4Z3Ri&TF#VyRewL0TList of Shortlisted Candidates for Block Level Accountant and District Level Steno-cum-clerk  for counselling 2023
  9. List of Shortlisted Candidates for ATM Post for Counselling 2023
  10. List of shortlisted Candidates for BTM Post for Counselling
  11. Grading List for SFAC Member 
  12. All Activity detail in ATMA Yojna of Fin. Year 2021-22 
  13. Detail of Fascilititator selection under DAESI Programme
  14. List of Chairman of FAC Block Dalsingsari 
  15. प्रखंडवार किसान सलाहकार समिति का आवेदकों की सूची
  16. Second Final Waiting List Block Level Accountant 
  17. Second Final Waiting List Assistant Technical Manager (ATM)
  18. Second Final Waiting List Block Technical Manager (BTM)
  19. List of Kisan Salahkar Samiti, Block- Kalyanpur, Warisnagar
  20. List of Farmer who participate Kisan Choupal Programme 2020-21
  21. List of Kisan Salahkar Samiti Block- M Nagar, Shivajinagar, Vidyapatinagar, Patory, Mohanapur, Pusa
  22. List of Kisan Salahkar Samiti Block- Ujiarpur, Khanpur, Morwa, Bibhutipur, Samastipur, Singhia
  23. List of Kisan Salahkar Samiti Block- Tajpur, Hasanpur, Rosera, Dalsingsarai, Bithan, Srairanjan
  24. List of Fertilizer, Seed and Pesticides Dealer At Samastipur District
  25. Final Selection List of BTM
  26. Final Waiting List of BTM
  27. Final Merit List of BTM
  28. Final Selection List of ATM
  29. Final Waiting List of ATM
  30. Final Merit List of ATM
  31. Final Selection List of Accountant
  32. Final Wating List of Accountant
  33. Final Merit List of Accountant
  34. Notice of All BTM/ATM/Accountant/Stenographer Candidate for own objection
  35. Draft Merit List of BTM
  36. Draft Merit List of ATM
  37. Draft Merit List of Block Level Accountant
  38. Draft Merit List of Stenographer-cum-clerk
  39. Information Regrading Block Level Accountant Counselling detail
  40. list of candidate for counselling Regarding Patna High Court Order
  41. Inoformation Regarding Counselling for the Post of BTM/ATM/Accountant/Steno-cum-Clerk
  42. List of Farmer Interest Group and Food Security Group with all member from F.Y. 2011-12 to 2018-19
  43. List of all candidates who applied for Stenographer-cum-clerk in samastipur district
  44. List of Shortlisted Candidates for Counselling of Accountant Post
  45. List of All Candidates who applied for Accountant Post in Samastipur District
  46. Lis of Shortlisted Candidate for Counselling of ATM Post
  47. List of All  Candidates who applied for ATM Post in Samastipur District as well as other districts
  48. Rectified List of Shortlisted Candidates for Counselling of BTM Post
  49. List of All Candidate who applied BTM Post Option in Samastipur Districcthttp://atmasamastipur.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/List-of-all-applied-BTM-candidate-who-choice-for-Samastipur-District.pdf
  50. List of farmer in Exposer Visit inter state 2017-18
  51. List of Demonstration of Mushroom Fin. Year 2016-17
  52. List of Demonstration of Pashupalan farmer Fin. Year 2017-1
  53. List Farm School Fin Year 2016-17 & 2017-18
  54. List of Demonstration Fin. Year 2016-17 & 2017-18 to 
  55. List of Farmer Training, Exposure visit and Farm Sc Januhool Fin Year 2016-17 and 2017-18
  56. List of farm school Fin Year 2015-16
  57. Kisan Pathshala 2016-17 kharif
  58. List of all beneficiary in Kisan Pathshala Fin. Year 2015 to 2017